“The Impact of Grandmothers”


My life~long dream has begun. As a child, I would walk with my Grandma Jensen to “Mary’s Cafe” in Casey, Iowa. Along the way was my Great-Grandmother Blanch Sheeder. We would stop and have a cup of tea and continue on our journey into town, where Grandma would place a little apron around me and I would climb up onto a small stool and help make pies and homemade noodles. The precious moments of sitting with my grandmothers around the kitchen table are priceless; they are moments that only belong to me. It inspired me to spoil my mother, Fay Jensen, every year on her birthday by taking her to a tea room. The delicious foods, conversations, laughs, emotions that stirred, and memorable times can never be replaced~those are what I want to give to you! I desire to give you an experience that will stay with you, something you will talk about for weeks to come.