Slanite! Land of a Thousand Welcomes come from Ireland. Under Brehon Law, all households were obliged to provide some good measure of hospitiality to strangers. It included food, drink, bed, and entertainment. Monetary payment was never expected, but exchanges of traveling tales, poetry, and songs were always welcome. Being 28% Irish myself, I take great pride in my heritage through the Kennedy’s, Palmers, Keeleys, Hayes, and Youngs…they married deep into my Danish & German heritage. I wanted to drop a line and just let you know that Irish music, food, teas & coffee, and decor are waiting for your arrival at Pleasant Thymes Tea Room. FYI: Acoustic Jam Session, Thursday, March 14 at 6pm and our St. Paddy’s Day Party, Saturday, March 16th at 6pm. Bagpiper, Mike Barnes, formerly of the Omaha Pipe Band and fiddler & vocalist, Bill Gerlock will be providing music following dinner. RSVP@ 712-764-2221.