Pleasant Thymes & Covid-19


Does life has challenges? YES!! Always…I must look at our world’s situation of COVID-19 and stay positive and creative. I appreciate all the state and county wide updates so much! They are working hard to bring us back to livelihood. In the mean time let me share my heart about what’s happening at the tea room. My desire is to still meet the needs of the patrons. I’m also selfish in that I need to see people. I love to serve, I love to make people feel good with the comforts of cozy, happy, enjoyable settings, and good food. For me, a cup of English Rose hot tea, a warm scone smothered with lemon curd and coddled cream, beats all other comfort foods. Two weeks ago, I opened up for “Friday East Porch Pick-Ups”. It has been fun to hear the phone ring again with orders of our “Danish Maiden Ice Cream” available in nine flavors, homemade pies, scones, soups, casseroles, and my lastest addition is, “Tea Parties in a Basket” for both children and adults. I’m so grateful for small town Iowa. My patrons (friends) are excited to look forward to something new in their weekly menus, and what better time than weekend treats! Stay safe out there and lets stand together one day at a time.